About Us

Offering specialized services under one roof, ID LOGIC specializes in the optimization, deployment and management of complex telecommunication and IT projects in the residential, commercial and institutional sectors.

Three types of expertise under one roof 


Qualified and courteous staff attentive to your needs


Service provider specialized communications

Business Discussion


  • Local PBX

  • Cloud PBX

  • SIP trunk

  • Grandstream

  • Yealink

Connecting Online


  • Commercial FTTH

  • Dedicated fiber

  • Wi-MAX internet

  • Internet LTE

  • PTP engineering and deployment

  • Video surveillance

  • Cell phone

  • Global Star Satellite Phone

Computer Repair


  • Switches

  • Cloud solution

  • Cloud and local backup

  • Monitoring

  • Anti-virus MalwerBytes End point and Panda End point business solutions

  • Router/firewall

Computer Store

IT materials

  • PCs & laptops

  • Servers

  • UPS

  • Wi-Fi access points

  • Cellular signal boosters

IT support level

Level 1

  • Basic technical support resolution and service desk provision

  • Support for basic customer issues, such as resolving usage issues and responding to helpdesk requests that require IT intervention

  • Lower-level technical staff, trained to troubleshoot known issues and respond to service requests by following scripts


Level 2

  • In-depth technical support

  • Experienced and knowledgeable administrators assess issues and provide solutions to issues that cannot be resolved by Level 1

  • Support personnel with in-depth knowledge of the product or service, but are not necessarily engineers or programmers who designed and created the system


Level 3

  • Product support and expert service

  • Access to the highest technical resources available for problem-solving or creating new features.

  • The most qualified product specialists, and may include the creators, chief architects or engineers of ID LOGIC who created the system.

The 5 key advantages
to subcontract with ID LOGIC

  • Helps you focus on your core business

  • Helps you save significant costs

  • Provides you with continuity of resource levels and risk management without having to worry about vacations, sick days and other employee dependencies

  • Access to a qualified team of experts and ongoing resources

  • A one-stop-shop for all your needs